Are you looking to buy high quality chef aprons in Australia and are unsure where to buy? To help our Aussie Chef customers determine the optimal choice for their needs, we have compiled 11 tips to consider when buying chef aprons online.

Aussie Chef stock a wide range of chef aprons to suit various needs and requirements for all chefs, whether they be a professional or cooking enthusiast. With over 110 chef aprons available in our extensive catalogue, our aprons are made from high quality materials, available in various colours, crafted from many types of materials and available in either bib or waist-shape. With our vast array of apron options, we will have the perfect fit for your specifications.

Here are 11 tips to buy the right chef apron in Australia. If you need further guidance or assistance when you are choosing a chef apron, feel free to contact us to speak to one of our friendly team members.

1. Understand your needs and requirements

A uniform is mandatory for most jobs, particularly within the hospitality fields. In addition to the uniform fitting well and looking smart, a uniform must be functional. Given the nature of a chef’s job, it certainly cannot create any hindrances or obstacles to completing their work. Various chef aprons will be best suited to some types of industries more than others (e.g. a pastry chef may prefer a chef apron with a bib that has pockets for easy utilisation of their tools and equipment.)

Before you commit to buying a chef apron, you should consider the specific needs and requirements of that job. Ideally, we suggest that you do not consider these in isolation, alternatively you should consult with your team and management. More senior and experienced staff will help you determine what food types you are handling, whether you will be utilising sharp objects or need something that is easily washable.

2. Complement your existing uniform

The chosen apron should complement your existing uniform. As part of your uniform, you should consider what you wear with your chef apron to make sure it is an appropriate match. This will help you ensure that the shape, style and colour all blend well with what other staff wear.

We recommend consistency with your chef apron and the rest of your uniform so that it is not visually or functionally distracting. For example, you do not want to wear clothing underneath that has important pockets if you are going to wear the apron over the top. Another consideration might be that if you are working in front of hot plates and grills, you will want an apron that keeps you cool throughout the day (as you will be wearing clothing underneath). 

3. Evaluate the apron’s fabric

It is important that the fabric of your chef’s apron is appropriate for the work that you do. If you require an apron that is highly resistant to mess, spills or stains incurred when you are working, a PVC/Nylon apron that can be easily wiped and cleaned is an excellent option. However, if the prevailing requirement is to be viewed as on trend and professional, a traditional linen or cotton apron is currently the way to go.

A handy hint is that you should consider a dark coloured apron as this will help absorb the colour of the spill or stain to make it less visible. Depending on your requirements, other suitable options that we stock include canvas weave, coated fabric, denim, poly/cotton and poly/viscose.

4. Contemplate the apron’s shape

We stock both bib and waist-shaped high quality chef aprons. Both shapes are suitable for chefs, the choice will often be guided by a combination of the chef’s preferences and the uniform requirements set by management.

A waist-shaped apron is ideal for chefs who prefer their chef jacket to be the outermost garment on the torso. A bib-shaped apron is ideal for chefs who like their jackets clean, prefer additional pockets and require functional features from the garment while they are working. A large number of chefs acquire both aprons because they alternate between the two, depending on the type of work and occasion.

5. Carefully choose the apron’s style

The style of apron worn can add a point of difference that a chef is looking for. We stock both crossback and standard neck loop styled aprons. The type of apron style worn is ultimately a personal choice and depends on whether you want the apron’s strap to go over your shoulders or around your neck.

There is no right or wrong selection when choosing from high quality chef aprons, the ultimate decision however is often guided by what is best for your needs and requirements. For example, if you store heavy items in your pockets, you may not want a neck loop apron because your neck will be taking the weight of those items. The load on your neck over a long period may not be the best option for your posture, especially given the long hours worked by the majority of chefs.

6. Think about the apron’s colour

Our aprons are available in various colours including blue, black, white, red, yellow, green, grey, brown, sky blue, pink, lime green and orange. Selecting the right colour is important because you want to ensure it blends in well with the décor, suits the business and complements the uniform worn by other staff.

With our high quality chef aprons available in a vast range of colours, it will be easy to make the right selection for your business. Remember, you can complement the colour of your apron with different coloured apron straps (see tip #10 below).

7. Consider the apron’s pockets

We stock various aprons with different pocket configurations to suit chefs’ varying needs. Pockets are an understated and important consideration for your aprons. Having somewhere to place your pens, notepad, tablet or other kitchen accessories can help you streamline your work flow. Our pockets are durable and wide enough to fit common items easily. With double stitching, our pockets have been manufactured to withstand a busy and demanding workplace environment.

Browse our chef aprons to understand more about their pocket configurations so that you choose the apron that will best suit your needs and requirements.

8. Customise the apron’s length and fit

The apron you ultimately choose has to fit well. If the chef apron does not fit well, this will affect your ability to complete your job, especially given the amount of time you are on your feet as a chef. Moreover, aprons with incorrect length or size could potentially result in on the job accidents.

While most aprons have been manufactured to a standard size, you should adjust the length and fit of your apron to ensure it fits well. You do not want to be restricted when you are working so it is important that you tailor your apron prior to use. This will keep your mind at ease while you are working.

9. Assess the apron’s look

We continuously monitor the latest trends for aprons worldwide so that we keep our apron collection contemporary and up-to-date. There are many well-known styles used globally, and we have replicated these styles to help you choose an apron that matches your business.

Common categories of aprons include Barber, Bella, Cantine, Chloe, Ice Cream, Jackson Denim, London, Outback, Paris, Sorrento, Utility Pouch and Venice. This extensive collection will help you pick the perfect uniform that is tailored to you and complements your business.

10. Determine the apron accessories

When you purchase your apron, remember to purchase matching and complementary accessories. Ensure that your apron is not monotone by acquiring different coloured accessories for a contemporary look.

We stock apron straps in various colours (including black, yellow, brown, sky blue, pink, lime green and orange) to help you change the look of your apron depending on the menu or occasion. We also stock other accessories such as chef hats, neckerchiefs and shoes.

11. Personalise your apron

To add an additional layer of professionalism, we recommend personalising the apron with your name and logo. We offer embroidery and printing services to help you tailor the apron for your business. As part of our personalised apron service, we provide the ability to write your name and position in various fonts and colours for brand consistency.

Our branding services produce high quality results coupled with competitive pricing. With an exceptionally quick turnaround times of 7-10 business days from your approval, we believe this is the perfect option for all players in the industry looking for a consistent brand message.

At Aussie Chef, we are the market leader in supplying chef’s uniforms. We stock a wide range of chef uniforms including basic essentials such as chef aprons, chef jackets, chef pants and accessories. Our range of high quality chef aprons are made from exceptionally sturdy materials, keeping in mind a chef's needs and requirements for an apron. Our entire range is available online with various photos to help you understand how it will look and what options are available for each product. You can browse our complete range of chef aprons Australia online or contact us on (03) 9427 0033.