10 Best Aprons 2024

10 Best Aprons 2024

Aussie Chef has over 30 different apron styles, so it was a bit hard to decide! But with help from what our customers are saying - here’s our list of the 10 Best Aprons for 2024.

1. BELLA Cross Back Bib Apron

BELLA, short for ‘bellissimio’ means beautiful.

The BELLA Apron, beautifully stylish and sophisticated, has been a hit since first introduced. This apron, designed in a lightweight cotton fabric with generous pockets and removable crossback straps is a smart choice.

BELLA comes in four colours – a light Ash Grey, medium Blue, coffee inspired Latte Brown and a dark Charcoal Grey. All base apron colours are available with 9 different Mix & Match removable strap colour options - 3 Leather Look straps in Black, Chocolate and Tan, 5 woven cloth straps in Lemon Yellow, Lime Green, Sky Blue, Tangerine Orange, Pink Grapefruit or the orignial contrasting colour fabric strap.

A staggering 36 combinations - one of which will surely suit your colour scheme, venue, branding and decor!

Mix & Match Straps are also available for purchase individually, when you want to freshen your look or mix and match for a special event or add your logo or branding.

2. ARCHIE Denim Cross Back Bib Apron

Our ARCHIE Denim Apron, a hit with cafe and restaurant crews, in hardwearing yet sof 100% coton denim, feels just like your favourite pair of jeans. Archie Denim has our signature large pocket design for handy storage.

This crossback apron in dark indigo is available with 12 different Mix & Match removable strap colours - 3 Leather Look straps Black, Chocolate and Tan, or 9 woven cloth straps Coffee, Red, White, Green, Sky Blue, Tangerine Orange, Pink Grapefruit, Lemon Yellow or Lime Green.

Mix & Match Straps are also available individually, when you want to change the look of your Archie Denim apron or mix & match your crew.

This apron is also ideal for adding your company branding with beautful embroidery or screen printng.

This great denim fabric is also available in our Utlity Pouch Waist Apron for those desiring a modern twist on the waist style apron.

3. CANTINE 100% Cotton Canvas Weave Bib Apron

The CANTINE Apron, one of our very best sellers, is designed in 100% coton canvas weave, and now comes in seven lush, rich colours, khaki, olive, navy, chocolate, dark grey, black and white.

The Cantne apron is simplicity at its best with brushed silver eyelet detailing at the neck loop and waist tes, with generous pockets to store all your essentals.

This hard wearing apron, with double sttching and bar tacking, is perfect for all occasions, casual or formal.

4. MONACO Apron

The MONACO Apron, available in bib or waist styles, is the epitome of professionalism. Designed in 240gsm heavweight poly/coton fabric, it is a favourite with those wantng a sophistcated look in black or white.

Like our Cantne apron it has brushed silver eyelet detailing at the neck loop and waist tes and generous large pockets.

This easy care, durable apron, keeps looking like new.

If you are looking for something with comfortable cross back tes our elegant Crossback Apron in the same heavyweight black fabric is an excellent choice.

5. CHEF BIB / LONDON Bib Aprons

Our CHEF BIB and LONDON aprons are traditonal striped aprons, extremely popular with chefs and kitchen staff the world over.

The Chef Bib comes with or without pocket, whereas the London is longer in length, both have matching fabric adjustable neck loops and waist tes.

The striped poly/viscose fabric looks great wash afer wash, and is available in black or navy with thin white stripes.

These aprons are a great staple to any chef’s uniform.

6. BARBER Bib Apron

One of our signature aprons, BARBER, is a stand out in distressed leather look fabric that is sof to the touch on the underside. Featuring utlity pockets, stunning metal ftngs and accessories that complement modern workplaces.

Made in 100% coton PU coated washable fabric - in 3 stunning metal inspired colours - rust, pewter, bronze.

Ideal for those wantng a unique look like baristas, cocktail bartenders, barbers and hairdressers - the list goes on.

Our unique waist style Utlity Pouch is also available in this distressed fabric in rust.

7. OUTBACK Bib Apron

OUTBACK, our second signature apron is constructed of sof to touch, enzyme washed 100% coton denim with unique buckle removable cross back straps, in an array of outback colours - forest, lagoon, maple and ochre.

A shorter style bib apron, it allows for ease of movement and has multple pockets.

It’s denim like you have never seen before, earthy, rich and colourful - the perfect blend of comfort, stunning looks and functonality.

8. HANNA Pinafore Apron

Our new sof washable linen HANNA Pinafore Apron is one you won’t want to take off!

Oh so comfortable to wear, with wide cross back straps and a roomy, just right ft. Its one piece constructon means you just slip it over your head.

The ideal apron for creatves - a chef, a florist, a gardener, an artst, even your front of house staff - the list is endless.

It looks so good - you can wear it all day - it might even be mistaken as part of your outit!

9. Basic BLACK / WHITE Aprons

Our tried and true, ProChef Black and White Essentals.

Available in a range of bib and waist styles are simple, lightweight aprons, popular within the hospitality industry, but expanding into the medical and health industries too.

Constructed of easy to care for poly/coton, they are designed for every day use - tough, durable and long wearing - an industry standard.

10. PVC / Nylon Apron

PVC or Nylon bib aprons are ideal when you need an apron that is waterproof and spill resistant.

Great for kitchen staff, dishwashers, laboratories, school food tech classrooms - designed to keep clothing underneath dry and free from spills.

These aprons can be easily cleaned by simply wiping them off with a clean damp cloth.

And that’s it - Aussie Chef Clothing Company’s Top 10! Explore all of these great choices by clicking the aprons above or see all of them and more at aussiechef.com.au/aprons.