updated 01.01.2023

Size Guide

Sizing & Measurements

Finding your Correct Size

Chef Jackets, Pants & Hats

Measurements for chef jackets, chef pants and chef hats are based on the wearer’s measurements and do not refer to the actual measurements of the garment. The garment will be larger than the body measurements in order to provide for comfortable movement.

Tips to get the Best Fit
  • • Stand straight and relax
  • • Chest - measure the fullest part of your chest/bust with your arms down
  • • Waist - measure around your natural waistline above your hips
  • • Hips - measure around the fullest part of your hips
Chef Shoes / Clogs

Measurements for chef shoes/clogs is your foot length - our clogs use European sizing.


Apron measurements are for the actual garment and are shown as width x length.

If you have any questions about fit or sizing, please call Customer Service (Monday-Friday) on +613 9427 0033 or email us at sales@aussiechef.com.au

Click here to download a copy of our Size Guide