Chef Jacket Colour Meaning

The origins of the Chef Jacket is credited to the French chef, Marie-Antoine Careme. In 1822, he sketched two chefs in uniform, to depict what he thought was the ideal look for a chef, to instill a sense of professionalism in the industry. In the late 1800s, this all-white uniform became more commonplace. Today, many chefs still wear a modern take on this timeless tradition.

Throughout history white chef jackets have been associated with prestige, expertise and cleanliness. At one stage coloured chef jacket buttons noted the hierarchy of the kitchen - qualified and high-level chefs wore black buttons, whereas low level cooks or apprentices had white buttons. Occasionally, coloured buttons signified a chef’s specific area of expertise.

Today, chef jackets have come a long way from traditional white. These days chefs can choose different colours and styles in chef jackets, chef pants and aprons to create their own individual look or a cohesive look across their whole team - both in the kitchen and front of the house. It is also very popular to personalise chef jackets by add branding (logos) and/or names.

Do Chef Jacket Colours have a Meaning?

Traditionally Chef Jackets have always been white, in part as a symbol of cleanliness and professionalism, but to also help reflect heat in the kitchen. Today, white jackets are still popular for the same reasons, but these days, black, denim, grey and a few other colours are just as popular.

Some restaurants might designate a colour scheme to match their branding or to create a hierarchy in the kitchen, for example, having the head chef and main cooks wear white chef jackets and prep cooks wear black chef jackets. Some may choose traditional white chef jackets as it signifies professionalism and cleanliness, whereas others may choose black chef jackets to make a bold statement for an open kitchen venue.

However, for most chefs - the colour and style of their chef jacket is a personal choice - what looks the best and feels the most comfortable to tackle their busy schedule.

What about Chef Pant Colours?

Originally Chef Pants were also white as was the entire uniform, but today, traditional check and black are the most common colours. Traditional check chef pants are designed in a black and white check or hounds tooth pattern poly/cotton material, which helps hide or camouflage food and grease stains. This pattern makes it hard for the eye to see possible stains easily. Black chef pants are now just as popular. The poly/cotton fabric construction makes them fade resistant - so black remains black.

The style and colour is most often the chef’s personal choice, but sometimes is part of a chosen staff uniform.

Add Colour with Chef Aprons

The original chef uniform also consisted of a white waist or bib apron and later this transitioned to the popular navy or black striped chef apron. Today, however, the choice of chef aprons is endless - different colours, fabrics and styles. Many chefs still choose the navy or black chef aprons with a thin white stripe - especially over traditional white chef jackets. Others may choose apron colours and styles to complement the venues branding and decor, for a point of difference or just their favourite look.

Buying Chef Jackets Online

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