Selecting the Ultimate Hairdresser Apron


In the bustling realm of hairstyling, tools and accessories are essential to the trade. While premium scissors and high-end hair products claim the spotlight, the unsung hero - the hairdresser apron - merits equal attention. Far from a mere functional necessity, this indispensable item often complements your professional creativity as well as the interior design and branding of your business. This guide aims to help you select the perfect hairdresser apron.

Fabric Fundamentals

In a salon, your apron isn't merely a style statement; it acts as your frontline defence against many different elements - hair, water, colour dyes, bleaching agents and more. While there are plenty of conventional options, Aussie Chef Clothing Company has a wide range of aprons that offer a blend of style and durability, and in some cases water-resistance that are ideal for any salon environment. Leather, denim, cotton canvas, poly/cotton blends and pvc/nylon make excellent apron choices.

Practical Features

In reality mundane features like pockets are essential in a profession where easily accessible tools make the job easier. Most of Aussie Chef's aprons have thoughtfully designed pocket configurations, to store your essential styling tools without compromising on a professional look. Other aspects that add to your comfort and reduce physical strain during long salon hours are adjustable neck loops or cross back apron straps which redistribute the weight to your back and shoulders. Waist aprons or utility pouches also make great choices, as sometimes less is more.

Customisation - Make It Yours

Colour and fabric choices can reflect the aesthetics of your salons interiors, but customisation can transform your apron into a canvas to highlight your brand or add a touch of individuality – adding subtle customer recognition. Aussie Chef is well equipped to help you with both embroidery or screen and digital printing to personalise your aprons – just ask us how.

An Apron for Every Budget

When choosing aprons, remember they can be seen as a long-term investment. Aussie Chef Clothing designs and manufactures all of their aprons to be durable and long-lasting, with quality fabrics and fittings, with high quality stitching and bar tacking at pressure points. So no matter which apron you choose you can be confident in your choice.

Final Insights

Selecting your ideal hairdresser apron involves many factors - from fabric, colour and style choices, to features and embellishments, and whether or not you want to customise. Remember, you're not just choosing an accessory; you're making a statement about your creativity and expertise to your clientele. Make your selection count, and differentiate yourself in Australia’s competitive hair salon landscape today.

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What Types of Materials are Best for Hairdresser Aprons?

There are many fabric choices that would be ideal for hairdressers such as denim, cotton canvas, leather, poly/cotton blends and pvc/nylon. The key is choosing fabrics that are durable and hardwearing with high quality stitching. Depending on the roles of the hairdressers water-resistance might be a factor too. Denim - always on trend, super durable and really comfortable. Colourful cotton canvas - hard wearing, good looking, perfect for embroidery. Leather looks luxurious but is super practical and is water and hair resistant. Poly/cotton blend fabrics - wrinkle resistant and long-lasting. PVC and nylon - super water resistant making them ideal for washing and colour stations. Most importantly, pick the apron fabric, style and colour that you love the most, one you will be happy to wear over and over.

Why are Pockets Important in a Hairdresser Apron?

Pockets are essential in a hairdresser’s apron to keep styling tools within easy reach. Most of Aussie Chef's aprons have generous designed pockets to store tools easily, while keeping you clean underneath.

How Can I Ensure My Apron is Comfortable?

Adjustable neck loops and cross back apron straps which redistribute the weight to your back and shoulders are key features in making sure your apron is comfortable to wear during long hours in a hair & beauty salon. Waist aprons or utility pouches are also a great option - with less fabric bulk, handy pockets while still providing protection.

What are Cross Back Aprons and Are They Better?

Cross back aprons have long apron straps that sit across your shoulders, crisscross over your back and go through eyelets, loops or holes at your waist where they are tied. This helps redistribute the weight of your apron and items in your pockets onto your shoulders and back to alleviate any strain on your neck. In this case they are better, however, many people choose aprons with neck loops as they are easier to put on and the straps do not slip off your shoulders. Sometimes it’s personal preference which style you like wearing the most.

Can I Customise My Hairdresser Apron?

Yes of course. Aussie Chef Clothing Company offers both embroidery and digital screen printing options for adding logos and/or names to personalise the aprons you choose. Embroidery is done by stitching the design by machine into the fabric.  Screen or digital printing involves your artwork being printed directly onto the fabric. All options can match your brand colours. Embroidery is thread that is stitched through the fabric, so it is more hard wearing and permanent. Screen printing if the right ink is used lasts a long time without fading, whereas digital printing may wash out over time and may require extra care to keep it looking good. 

Is Spending More on an Apron Really an Investment?

When choosing aprons, remember they are a long-term investment, that said, Aussie Chef offers aprons at many price points. They are designed and manufactured to be durable and long-lasting, by using quality fabrics and fittings, with quality stitching and bar tacking. So no matter which apron you choose you can be confident in your choice.

How Do I Choose the Right Apron?

Choosing the right apron involves many factors - fabric, colour and style and whether you would like to customise them. Your aprons can be seen as utilitarian or as an extension of your creativity and the hair and beauty salon itself. Most importantly, choose the aprons that appeal to you most, as that will shine through to your clientele. Check out Aussie Chef’s range of aprons for hair & beauty salons today.