Ultimate Chef Gear Guide

G'day, chefs and culinary enthusiasts! Welcome to the Aussie Chef Clothing Company blog where we talk all things kitchen and chef gear. Today, we're diving into the ultimate chef gear guide that'll take you from a kitchen novice to a Michelin star chef—well, at least in the way you're dressed.


Being a chef isn't just about whipping up mouth-watering dishes; it's also about looking the part. Your uniform isn't just for show - it serves practical purposes that make your life easier in the kitchen. From aprons to chef shoes, each item has a specific role in helping make you the best chef you can be. So, grab a coffee or a cuppa, sit back, and let’s navigate the world of chef gear.

Aprons: Not Just a Fashion Statement

Types of Aprons

  • Bib Aprons: The full coverage classic, perfect for keeping your whole uniform clean.
  • Waist Aprons: For those who prefer a lighter option, while keeping tools handy in clever pockets.
  • Cross Back Aprons: For comfort and style, cross back straps distribute the apron weight more evenly.
  • Denim Aprons: Trendy, durable, and made to last – denim aprons are always popular.
  • Leather Aprons: Provide great protection and yet are luxuriously stylish.
  • PVC or Nylon Waterproof Aprons: The real deal for messy, wet tasks – these are the perfect choice.

Pro Tip: Personalised Aprons

Consider personalising your apron – with names or company logos. Many head chefs choose to personalise their aprons or chef jackets, but increasingly many venues are opting to add their branding and sometimes employees’ names as well to uniforms, to add a personal touch that is inclusive and motivating.

Jackets: The Chef's Armour

Types of Jackets

  • Classic Jackets: Timeless and professional, these are double breasted with push through button closure.
  • Modern Tunics: A contemporary touch to the chef uniform, with the ease of press stud closure.
  • Cool Mesh Jackets: Perfect for those hot Australian summers, these jackets have breathable mesh fabric inserts, to help keep you cool in the kitchen environment.
  • Zipper Jackets: Easy to put on and take off, just zip up and go, saving you valuable time.
  • Press Stud Jackets: Simple and quick, press studs make getting ready easy.

Pro Tip: Womens Jackets

We have a range of jackets finely tailored for women, to ensure a comfortable, more flattering fit. However, many chefs like our unisex Alex and Arli chef jackets that have a tailored fit. While others prefer a straighter cut and choose from our Traditional or Modern Tunic ranges. It all comes down to what makes one feel most comfortable throughout their busy shift.

Chef Pants: Comfort Meets Functionality

Types of Pants

Pro Tip: Chef Uniform Sets

Consistency is key. Choosing a complete chef uniform - chef jacket, chef pants and apron – exudes a professional, and polished look, especially in open kitchens where the whole crew is outfitted in matching chef uniform sets.

Chef Shoes: Foundation of Any Good Chef

Choosing the right footwear is crucial. Slip-resistant soles, arch support, and waterproof material are non-negotiables when it comes to picking chef shoes. Loved by professional chefs, our premium Chef Shoes literally walk out the door. Made in soft, yet super durable EVA, our chef clogs are super comfortable, for long days and nights on your feet.

Accessories: Finishing Touches

  • Chef Hats and Neckerchiefs: Add an additional barrier to keep sweat and hair away from preparations.
  • Knife Wraps: Safety and organisation all in one – choose gorgeous leather or practical canvas weave nylon.
  • Utility Pouch: Keep your essentials within arm's reach.


Dressing professionally doesn't just elevate your game; it's an essential part of the job. So, whether you're a culinary student, a line cook, or an executive chef, investing in high-quality gear is a must.

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So go ahead, get yourself some gear that'll make you look and feel like the chef you were born to be!