Basic Essentials for Chefs

It is well known that a Chef Uniform consists of a Chef Jacket, Chef Pants and an Apron. But it may be less known, that Chefs often require many other items as part of their Chef Uniform and accessories, all of which can be found at Aussie Chef Clothing Company.

As Chefs are on their feet for long hours each day, it is essential that they have comfortable Chef Clogs or Shoes. Chefs also often require some kind of head covering, and these days that can range from a baseball cap, to a box hat or to a more traditional Chef Hat. If a Chef is working in a more traditional environment, he or she may also need to wear a neckerchief and if they wear a Traditional Chef Jacket they might need extra replaceable buttons and strips. Most Chefs also have their very own set of Chef Knives that they take with them everywhere and Aussie Chef has a range of knife wraps for that exact purpose.

Basic Essentials for Chefs consist of some or all of these items:

Chef Shoes or Clogs

Chef Hats

Chef Neckerchiefs

Buttons & Strips

Knife Wraps

Chef Shoes or Clogs

Chef Shoes or Clogs are needed for long days on your feet providing both support and protection. Kitchen floors are often hard, unforgiving concrete covered with stiff rubber mats. And no matter how clean it is at the beginning of your shift, the floor often becomes slippery with grease and water spills. Aussie Chef Clogs or Chef Shoes designed to be safe, are also so very comfortable. Made from soft, durable, waterproof EVA material with a slip resistant sole, which easily slip on and off, Aussie Chef Clogs are an excellent choice.

Chef Hats

Most chefs these days prefer a simpler hat like our Aussie Chef box hats or baseball caps. Hats are mainly to worn to keep hair in place, but also add professionalism to the uniform. Aussie Chef carries a wide range of hats from the traditional chef hat or nylon hat, to the more modern choice of baseball cap or box hat, to simple, hygienic disposable hats.

Chef Neckerchiefs

Chef Neckerchiefs, while not worn by all chefs, help control perspiration and keep a chef cool. The addition of a neckerchief, in white or black, completes the picture of the traditional Chef Uniform.

Buttons and Strips

Our Traditional Chef Jackets and ALEX Cool Mesh Jackets, have replaceable buttons. Sometimes Chefs choose to change the colour of the buttons or just need replacements. Aussie Chef has you covered with replaceable buttons in white, red, blue, yellow, green, grey and gold in handy packs of 10 and 5 hole button strips.

Chef Knife Wraps and Utility Boxes

Aussie Chef carries both 7 and 10 pocket Knife Wraps in black. Designed in super tough, canvas weave nylon with velcro closures, they are the ideal choice for keeping your Chef Knives safely secured. Some Chefs also like to have a sturdy Utility Box to carry all of their essentials. Our Utility Box designed in super tough plastic material with two heavy duty snap closures, wipes clean easily and can be locked with a padlock.

And not to forget, Aussie Chef Clothing Company is a leading supplier of Chef Jackets, Pants and Aprons.

Chef Jackets

All Aussie Chef Jackets are double breasted for heat and spill protection and come in a range of colours; white, black, blue denim or soft grey. Choose from Traditional Jackets or ALEX Cool Mesh Jackets with button closures, to zipper or press stud closures, like our tailored ALEX Zipper or ALEX Press Stud Jackets, the Modern Tunic Chef Jacket, urban Street Chef Denim Jacket or stylish New York Jacket. Available in unisex and women's sizes.

Chef Pants

We also stock Traditional Chef Pants in black and white check or solid black. Our Chef Pants are designed to help keep chefs and staff cooler in the kitchen, with a comfortable, elasticised drawstring waist, two side pockets and one back pocket. They look fantastic paired with all of our Chef Jackets.

Chef Apron

Chef Aprons give added protection to chefs and kitchen staff alike, not only for protecting their uniform and clothing, but also as another defence from hot surfaces and spills. Today, the choice of designer aprons is endless, coming in various fabrics and designs, making the Chef Apron the statement piece of a complete Chef Uniform. You are sure to find just the right one at Aussie Chef.

Aussie Chef Clothing Company, has all of your Chef Basic Essentials in one place, shop online now at