Aprons & Uniforms Designed for Different Industries

Aprons & Uniforms Designed for Different Industries

What industry first comes to mind, when you think of Aprons?
The hospitality industry perhaps?

Visualise your favourite cafe or restaurant - you see the front of house staff, the waiters and baristas, in their trendy aprons - and through to the open kitchen where you catch flashes of busy chefs and kitchen staff - also in aprons covering their chef uniforms. Aprons certainly are a staple in this industry whether it be your local cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars or industrial kitchens.

And there is a good chance they are wearing Aussie Chef Clothing Company aprons and uniforms - with over 30 different styles or aprons in a multitude of colours to choose from - it is easy to find just the right apron.

Check out our tailored range of hospitality aprons and chef uniforms - see Cafes Restaurants Hotel.

But what other types of businesses and industries wear aprons?

Quite a few actually - here is a list of a few that come to mind.


Events are enhanced with great looking event staff. Event companies often choose aprons for the staff hosting/working the event - whether it be a lavish wedding, an awards ceremony, a trade show - the list is endless. Apron styles and colours are chosen to complement the special occasion.

Aussie Chef has you covered with a beautiful range of event aprons & chef uniforms & can even help you enhance your choices with event branding.

See Event aprons and uniforms

Hair and Beauty

Aprons are becoming even more popular in the hair and beauty industry, not only to protect staff clothing frombeauty products such as hair colour, nail products and facial ingredients, but also to extend the look of their branding. Aprons are a trendy, practical choice, providing handy pockets for hairdressers, barbers styling tools. Consider adding your branding to add a special touch.

Busy hairdressers, barbers and beauty therapists will LOVE this collection!

Browse Hair & Beauty aprons

Health & Aged Care

It is more important than ever, to wear protective clothing when working in the health and aged care facilities, and aprons are an easy, washable addition to personal protective wear.

Aussie Chef stocks a wide range of aprons and protective wear ideal for allied health & aged care facilities. And don’t forget aprons and chef uniforms are crucial for hospital & aged care kitchens.

Check out Health & Aged Care range

Green Grocers

Green grocers have worn aprons for ages. Stocking beautiful displays of fruit and vegetables in their shops means they need to wear aprons to protect their clothing from dust, stickiness, excess water associated with unpacking crates of fresh produce.

Our range of green grocer aprons add a professional look to your staff, as well as practical protection, in the busy environs of fruit & vegetable shops, delicatessens and supermarkets.

View Green Grocer aprons


It is easy to understand why butchers wear aprons - they provide essential protection from sharp knives, as well as keeping the rest of their uniform clean. Aussie Chef even named a style of apron after them - the Butchers Bib - and it is still as popular as ever.

Butchers aprons have been an essential part of the Butchers industry forever.

Take a look at our selection of aprons and uniforms for commercial & boutique butchers aprons


Florists choose aprons that allow ease of movement, and protection from water, dirt and thorns - with pockets to keep their tools handy. An apron is also often an extension of their store design and decor.

Check out our beautiful suggestions for florist aprons

Schools & Childcare

Aprons feature in food tech, studio art, design tech classes and canteens in primary and secondary schools. Aprons are also an essential part of a uniform for apprentice chefs and in hospitality industry college and university courses. Childcare facilities also favour aprons to keep their staff smart-looking and protecting their clothing - as well as being an easy washable part of their uniform.

Browse through the extensive range for schools & childcare

Art Studios

Artists may choose their aprons individually to suit their own style but art studios often provide aprons to their students and professionals to wear within the studio. The aprons often become unique artworks themselves with colourful splotches of paint scattered across the fabric.

Aprons may also be a great professional touch catering staff for art gallery openings & showings.

Find just the right art studio apron

Personalise Your Aprons - Add a Logo or Company Branding

As you can see many industries choose aprons for practical reasons, such as protection and professionalism. But more and more businesses are choosing aprons as a an extension to their overall branding - looking to find just the right aprons to suit not only their industry but also their decor and design - sometimes taking an additional step and personalising the aprons with embroi- dery or screen printing.

Contact us about embroidery

Whatever the industry or business, Aussie Chef Clothing Company is sure to have just the right apron style and colour and can help you personalise it with branding. Check out the full range of aprons at aussiechef.com.au/aprons or contact us to arrange branding to make your business stand out from the crowd and shine.