How to Select a Chef Uniform Colour Scheme

Years ago, Chef Uniforms were all white in colour, with Chef Jacket Buttons denoting the hierarchy of the kitchen. Qualified and high level Chefs wore black buttons, whereas low level cooks or apprentices wore white. Occasionally, coloured buttons denoted the specific areas of expertise that the Chef performed in the kitchen.

Today, Chef Uniforms have come a long way from the traditional white of days gone past. These days Chefs can choose from various colours and styles in Chef Jackets, Chef Pants and Aprons to create their own individual look or a cohesive look for the whole team - both in the kitchen and within the restaurant, cafe, bar or hotel. Add a point of difference by including your branding (logo) onto aprons or chef jackets with embroidery or screen printing.

1. Choose a Chef Jacket

Traditionally Chef Jackets have always been white, in part as a symbol of cleanliness and professionalism, but to also help reflect heat. Today, white jackets are still popular for the same reasons, but these days, black, denim and grey chef jackets are extremely popular.

Aussie Chef Clothing Company’s ALEX range of Chef Jackets in both white and black, Street Chef Denim Jacket in blue or the dark grey New York Jacket - are now perhaps even more popular than the traditional range of Chef Jackets - the TRAD Jacket and Modern Tunic styles.

2. Decide on Chef Pants

Traditional Chef Pants are black and white check designed to hide or camouflage food and grease stains. Today, black chef pants are just as popular as the traditional black and white check pattern. Often the colour chosen is a personal choice but can be part of creating a uniformed look for the whole staff.

3. Add Colour with Aprons

Aprons are a staple item for cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars or industrial kitchens. Think of front of house staff, waiters and baristas in their colourful aprons through to the open kitchen where you catch flashes of busy chefs and kitchen staff moving around at breakneck speed - also in aprons covering their chef uniforms. Aprons are the key to creating a signature look and the best way to tie in the uniforms to the overall theme, colour and branding of a venue.

Aussie Chef has a huge range of aprons to make it easy to add colour or uniqueness to your overall Chef and supporting staff uniforms. From elegant, yet simple Black and White, to the colours of Ice Cream, various shades of Denim, to the earthy colours of Oska, Outback and Cantine. The Bella and Archie ranges allow for colourful combinations of cross back straps to add a splash of colour. And if you prefer something a little different, our waist aprons like MIA or Utility Pouch, add a simple, unique look.

4. Complete the Look

Why not complete your look with comfortable clogs, chef hats and accessories?

Our Clogs are made from soft waterproof EVA material with a slip resistant sole. Designed to be safe, durable, yet comfortable and with their one piece construction with no back strap its easy to just slip them on and off. Aussie Chef carries a great range of chef hats from the traditional to disposable to simple box hat and baseball hat styles. You will also find accessories like face masks, knife wraps and food delivery bags.

5. Strengthen your Branding

Aussie Chef also offers an end-to-end branding service, to take the hassle out of arranging this yourself - whether you want to personalise your chef uniforms and/or aprons with your business logo or staff names. With beautiful quality embroidery or printing, very competitive pricing, quick turnaround and no minimum order quantity – you will be glad you asked. To enquire please contact us.

So when starting up a new venue, or wanting to hit refresh on your team of professionals - look no further than Aussie Chef Clothing Company - to find just the right Chef Uniform & Colour. Visit now and see for yourself.