Chef Uniforms Explained

The Chef’s Uniform

The origins of the chef’s uniform dates back to the late 1800s and well-known French chef, Marie-Antoine Careme’s desire to instill a sense of professionalism to the industry.

Today that is still as important as ever - in the hospitality industry a professionally dressed Chef still commands the respect of the staff and more importantly, the customers of the restaurant or catering event. It is easily recognisable and sets the Chefs apart from other support staff such as kitchen, baristas, bartenders and front of house.

Chef uniforms nowadays are an important aspect of the look and feel of the dining experience, and so they often reflect this through the styles and colours chosen.

The Chef Uniform consists of some or all of these items:

• Chef Hat
• Chef Jacket
• Chef Pants
• Chef Apron
• Chef Shoes or Clogs
• Chef Neckerchief

Chef Hat

The Chef Hat is the first item of the chef’s uniform.

Hats are not only worn to keep hair from falling into the food, but may signify the rank of chefs in a kitchen. The traditional chef hat has been standardised to between 9-12 inches tall, with a standard number of pleats. Most chefs these days prefer a simpler hat like our Aussie Chef box hats, baseball caps or disposable hats.

Chef Jacket

The Chef Jacket serves many purposes. First, the double front gives the chef more protection and insulation from hot liquids, spills, heat and other hazards of the kitchen. Secondly, it allows a chef to reverse the front to mask any spills and stains. Thirdly, it exudes a sense of style and uniformity.

Chef Jackets were traditionally white, as a symbol of cleanliness and professionalism, but also to help reflect heat. Today, white jackets are still popular for the same reasons. These days, more and more chefs and kitchen staff are wearing Black Chef Jackets or choosing something different, like our popular Street Chef Denim Jacket or dark grey New York Jacket.

Chef Jackets are still double breasted for heat and spill protection, but many have zipper closures or press studs instead of the traditional button closures, like our tailored ALEX Zipper or ALEX Press Stud Jackets and the Modern Tunic Chef Jacket. The traditional long sleeve, while still available and a great seller, has been replaced in popularity by short sleeve versions, which allow ease of movement and are cooler to wear in the heat of the kitchen.

Chef Pants

Traditional Chef Pants are black and white check, designed to hide or camouflage food and grease stains. Chef pants are usually a loose fit, with elasticised drawstring waist, to help keep chefs and staff cooler in the kitchen. Today, Black Chef Pants are just as popular. The colour of chef pants chosen may also help create a uniform look for the whole staff.

Chef Apron

Chef Aprons give added protection to chefs and kitchen staff alike, not only for protecting their uniform and clothing, but also as another defense from hot surfaces and spills. Traditionally, chef aprons are black, white or striped, in either a bib apron or waist apron style. Today, the choice of designer aprons is endless, coming in various fabrics and designs, like the OSKA apron, Heavy Weight apron in black and white, ARCHIE, JACKSON or MIA Denim aprons - making the Chef Apron the item that really makes the whole Chef Uniform stand out.

Chef Shoes

Chef Shoes add the support and protection needed for long days on your feet. Kitchen floors are often unforgiving, hard concrete covered with stiff rubber mats. And no matter how clean it is at the beginning, it quickly becomes slippery with grease and water spills. Aussie Chef Clogs or Chef Shoes are an ideal choice, made from soft waterproof EVA material with a slip resistant sole, designed to be safe, durable, yet very comfortable.


Chef Neckerchiefs, while not worn by all chefs, help control perspiration and keep a chef cooler. The addition of a neckerchief completes the picture of the traditional Chef Uniform.

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