Why Choose Denim Aprons for Work?

Denim is such a popular fabric that since its inception has never gone out of fashion. It is of course most commonly used in the manufacturing of our favourite jeans, but because of it’s durability and long lasting wear, it is also extremely popular for workwear - especially aprons.

What is Denim? - Origins of Denim

People love denim but often don’t think about it’s origin. It is widely believed that denim fabric originated in Nîmes, France in the 1800s when fabric weavers designed a heavy duty twill weave using indigo dyed threads on the warp but left the weft threads their natural white colour. They called it Serge de Nîmes (translated to ‘twill of Nîmes’), which over time was simplified to ‘Denim’.

At about the same time, German chemist Adolf von Baeyer, was working on the synthesis of natural indigo. His success with synthetic indigo made it more reliable, with longer lasting colour which offered permanence and durability.

Levi Strauss, a dry goods businessman and Jacob W. Davis, a tailor, formed a partnership when they were commissioned by a mining company in the early 1870s to make trousers which were strong and could withstand hard work. The original Denim Overalls with metal rivets were born. The company then created their first pair of jeans in the 1890s. The popularity of denim was born.

Hollywood stars like Marlon Brando and James Dean wore denim jeans in their 1950s films, popularising denim as a symbol of rebellion. And since then, denim has never gone out of style.

Why Denim Aprons?

Denim - Hardwearing & Durable

Originally denim was the preferred fabric for heavy-duty workwear, because of its long lasting, strong, durable and hardwearing qualities. It was designed to withstand tough conditions day after day, wash after wash. And it only looked better with age.

Aussie Chef Clothing’s range of Denim Aprons are made with the same qualities in mind - in lightweight, durable, hardwearing denim that is super comfortable and looks great.

Attention to detail is evident in the double stitching, bartacking, generous pockets, metal rivets and eyelets incorporated, ensuring that our Denim Aprons live up to every day work pressures.

Denim - On Trend Workwear

Denim will always be popular, as the most purchased type of pants are JEANS! So it is a safe bet, that Denim Aprons will also always have a timeless appeal, and will be something you and your staff will be comfortable wearing.

These days denim comes in a wide array of colours. Choose traditional denim colours - black, dark indigo blue, or light blue in our MIA Denim, ARCHIE Denim and JACKSON Denim aprons.

Or for a point of difference choose from our signature enzyme washed, leather look denims - in earthy forest, lagoon, maple, ochre like our OUTBACK Denim or metallic inspired colours bronze, pewter and rust as seen in our BARBER Denim.

Or when you want a compact apron choice, check out our UTILITY Pouch in four types of denim!

Denim - Dress It Up Dress It Down

As you know, denim can be worn for lazy, casual days or dressed up for nights on the town. So it makes sense that Denim Aprons can be worn in casual corner cafes or fine dining establishments, busy bakeries and patisseries, as a go to apron for hairdressers and barbers, or cover ups for artists and florists.

Just like your favourite pair of jeans, your Denim Apron will also become the most loved, comfortable aspect of your workwear. And since denim has such wide appeal to both men and women, denim aprons are an ideal unisex uniform.

Aussie Chef’s range of Denim Aprons are available in cross back, neck style bib aprons and waist aprons to suit your preferred look. All styles have generous pockets to store all your needs quick at hand and if you or your chefs are wanting denim workwear too, check out our urban styled, STREET CHEF Denim Jacket. Inspired by the individuality of street chefs - with atttiude and class - to stand out from the crowd.

Denim - Embellished

Denim Aprons are the ideal canvas for embellishment! Embroidery or screen printing on denim really stand outs - making your branding a feature of the apron while adding a touch of personalisation to your workplace.

Aussie Chef can help you create just the right look with your branding - and arrange everything for you - taking one thing off your list of To Do’s!

Ready to start the process? Just enquire here.

Aussie Chef Denim Aprons

Aussie Chef Clothing Company is a leading supplier of Denim Aprons to the hospitality industry - with it’s extensive and creative designs to suit every requirement possible.

So when you want the timeless appeal of denim, check out our full range of Denim Aprons here.

Denim has never looked so good!