The origin of chef’s wearing a white apron dates back to 1822 when French chef, Marie-Antoine Careme desired to instill a sense of professionalism and respect to the industry. Careme sketched two chefs in uniform, to depict what he thought was the ideal look for a chef. By the late 1800s, this uniform became commonplace. This chef uniform consisted of chef hat, jacket, pants and apron all in white. The apron was a longer waist style apron folded over at the top and tied in front, not the bib style apron which is much more common these days. Many chefs still choose to wear a similar professional all white uniform.

Why White?

White is seen as a symbol of cleanliness and professionalism. The colour white also reflects heat the most effectively keeping you cooler, which is an important feature in a warm kitchen environment.

Wearing white in the kitchen can be very challenging. There is always the chance of something being spilled or splashed, so you can imagine it would be hard to not to finish your day or night without stains on your uniform. Stains are of course more obvious when wearing white, but this also makes it easier to see and treat those stains as quickly as possible.

Wearing a long white apron that is folded over on top and tied in the front gives additional protection against heat and burns. Tying the apron in front allows it to be removed more quickly and changed if required.

White also signifies a chef’s commitment to cleanliness. Preparing food beautifully for people is a very intricate job. Wearing white symbolises to your customers that the food you are cooking for them is prepared in the cleanest and safest way possible.

Who wears white aprons?

Today, chefs have a wide range of colours and styles of aprons to choose from. But some chefs still choose white in either the traditional waist apron style or the more popular bib apron style, especially in fine dining establishments. Pastry chefs also still prefer white as working with flour does not show like it does on colours. Apprentice chefs at culinary schools and trade schools also wear the all white chef uniform, including a white waist apron, as they study to become fully fledged chefs and cooks.

Some cafes and restaurants also choose white aprons for their front of house, kitchen, barista and bartender staff. White aprons are a simple, fresh, elegant and professional choice. White aprons are also a great choice when wanting to add branding with either embroidery or screen printing.

Types of White Aprons

Aprons are a staple item for cafes, restaurants, hotels, bars or industrial kitchens. Think of front of house staff, waiters and baristas in their aprons right through to the open kitchen where you can see busy chefs and kitchen staff also in aprons covering their chef uniforms.

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