All You Need to Know About Leather Aprons


To commemorate 35 Years in business, Aussie Chef Clothing Company has released the RILEY Leather Apron. Designed in beautifully soft, high quality 100% cow leather with metal eyelet detailing and cross back straps. RILEY has two designs - one with a large single pocket or the other version with two large pockets - available in either beautiful black or gorgeous dark brown soft leather. Each apron is quite unique, due to the natural look of 100% leather - and RILEY aprons become even more beautiful over time with repeated wearing.

With the release of the beautiful RILEY Leather Apron Collection, we thought it was important to give a little bit of history behind the use of Leather Aprons throughout the ages.

History of Leather Aprons

Leather aprons have been around for hundreds of years and are used in many different professions. Did you know tradesmen used to be referred to as ‘apron men’? They were! This was due to the fact that tradesmen from many types of trades wore aprons to protect their clothing. Often they chose leather aprons for their superior protection qualities. Most commonly the tradesmen were welders, blacksmiths, woodworkers, cobblers, artists and metal fabricators.

Today, leather aprons continue to be sought after - both for the traditional reasons of protection but also simply for the luxurious look and feel of a leather apron. Leather aprons have become popular with bartenders, barbers and cafes looking for a point of difference.

What is a Leather Apron?

Leather aprons are most commonly a bib style apron providing full front body coverage, worn primarily to protect a person and their clothing from heat, sharp utensils and staining. Often leather aprons are made out of one continuous piece of cow leather - but sometimes as a point of difference are made from pieces of leather sewn together with industrial double stitching. Leather aprons may be designed with a traditional neck loop and waist ties or with cross back straps, and come with or without handy pockets for tools of the trade.

Aussie Chef’s RILEY 100% Leather Aprons all come with cross back straps to alleviate the heavier weight of 100% leather, making it much more comfortable to wear all day, with either one or two large pockets and with a small pen pocket on the chest.

The thickness, density and strength of leather makes it very useful in environments with high heat, sharp tools and utensils or machinery

- providing an ideal barrier of protection. The smooth outer surface of leather mainly repels water, liquids, dirt, hair, wood particles and fine dust - and can often just be lightly wiped clean - with a damp cloth if needed. For these reasons, you can see why leather aprons have been so popular throughout history.

Why Choose a Leather Apron?

In some industries, wearing a leather apron is an important layer of safety. Some advantages of a leather apron include:

Heat Protection: In some industries like glass blowing, woodworking, metal works or BBQ masters - being near heat and sparks is part of the job. A leather apron aides as a barrier between the wearer and their work environment. Leather aprons can offer a higher level of protection than fabric aprons, and yet are still comfortable to wear with freedom of movement.

Stains: Leather aprons can help prevent most substances and liquids from penetrating through to clothing and often can be easily brushed off or simply wiped down making them a very durable yet easy to clean choice.

Sharp Tools: In industries where sharp tools such as scissors, knives, cutting blades, etc are used - a leather apron can provide greater protection to the wearer from the sharp instruments as well as providing handy storage for essentials.

Who Wears Leather Aprons?

Many professionals and hobbyists wear aprons while they work to provide a layer of protection for themselves and their clothing - and quite a few choose Leather aprons.

Welders, blacksmiths, metal workers and glass blowing artists choose to wear cowhide leather aprons to protect themselves from sparks and heat, hot metals and tools. Woodworking and carpentry workers may also love the protection and durability a leather apron provides as well as how its easy to wipe down from sawdust. Bartenders and baristas benefit from the spill and stain resistance that leather provides as well as looking classy and professional. Barbers and hairdressers look amazing wearing leather aprons - looking stylish and on trend while keeping hair from sticking to their clothes.

RILEY Leather Apron Collection

The beautiful RILEY Leather aprons are a bespoke piece - luxurious and unique yet ever so practical - that you will wear for years and years - becoming even more beautiful over time. View the RILEY Leather Collection now.

Leather Aprons FAQs

Question: What is a leather apron?

Answer: Leather aprons are usually a bib style apron providing full front body coverage, made out of one continuous piece of cowhide leather - but some- times are made from pieces of leather sewn together with industrial double stitching. Worn to protect a person and their clothing from heat, sharp utensils and staining. Leather aprons may have a neck loop and waist ties or cross back straps which put the weight onto the shoulders , and come with or without handy pockets for tools of the trade.

Question: What is the use of an apron?

Answer: An aprons use is primarily to help keep the wearer and their clothes underneath clean. Aprons also can also provide an additional layer of protection from heat, sharp objects, dirt and debris, spills and water.

Question: What is the use of a leather apron?

Answer: A 100% leather apron, like all aprons help keep the wearer and their clothes clean. Aprons made out of leather provide a higher level of protection from heat, fire and sharp objects, due to the sturdiness and thickness and nature of cowhide. Keeping a leather apron clean is simple - just wipe down with a clean, damp cloth to remove surface dirt.

Question: How thick should a leather apron be?

Answer: Ideally, you want the leather used for an apron to be thick and sturdy, but not too heavy or stiff - to allow for easy movement and flexibility.

Question: Can I wash a leather apron?

Answer: There are Special Care Instructions for Leather Aprons

1. When not using your apron - hang it up or store it in the cloth bag.

2. Wipe down with a clean, damp cloth with mild soap to remove surface dirt.

3. Dry with a clean, soft cloth.

4. Do not spot clean - always clean entire surface.

5. Do not use any solvents or abrasive cleaners.

6. Use a natural leather conditioner to help maintain it.

7. Professional leather dry clean only.