10 Tips to Choose the Right Apron for Your Work

Often when you think about aprons, you envision someone who is baking or cooking in the kitchen. But aprons are used in so many industries, not just the food, drink & hospitality industries. Aprons are popular in a wide range of other professions - such as floristry, health, beauty and aged care, barbers and hairdressers, artists, special events and tradeshows, green grocers and butchers and for schools and childcares.

Before purchasing one for your work think about your environment, about how it will be used - is it just to protect your clothing or to add a layer of protection? Is it important for the apron to complement your workplace or the role you play in it?

So Which Apron?

Aussie Chef Clothing Company has put together 10 Tips to help you choose the right apron for your work - so your first choice is the right choice.


1. What Are Your Requirements for an Apron?

A uniform is mandatory for most jobs and often an apron is an integral part of that. In addition to it fitting well and looking smart, an apron must be functional. Given the nature of your work, some aprons may be more suitable than others. Do you want the full coverage that a bib provides, or just a waist apron with pockets for essentials? Is it just to protect your clothes from water and dirt like a florist or do you require the added layer of protection that chefs require from the heat and sharp utensils or does it need to be waterproof for really wet areas?

Understanding the functionality you require from an apron will help you make sure you get exactly what you need.

2. Will the Apron Need to Complement Your Uniform or Workplace?

Many times an apron is chosen to match the colours of the workplace or to showcase your branding. A cafe owner may want the aprons to be personalised and will choose an apron style and colour that will lend itself to their branding, whereas a school may want to have the aprons match their school colours - with or without the school’s logo featuring prominently. A chef might choose a traditional striped apron for himself or want the whole crew to have a cohesive look with the same colour and style of apron and chefwear.

3. What Fabrics/Materials Do you Prefer?

It is important to think about the type of apron fabrics available and their suitability for your workplace. Aussie Chef carries a wide selection of aprons in various fabrics, from 100% cotton like CANTINE or ICE CREAM, to a variety of durable denims as seen in MIA, ARCHIE or OUTBACK, in fade resistant poly-cottons or poly-viscose blends like BELLA, LONDON, MONACO, CHEF BIBS and our BASICS range, to soft linens like AVA or HANNA or waterproof options like PVC and Nylon.

Keep in mind that 100% cotton and denim aprons are super durable but will naturally fade a bit in colour over time with repeated washes like your favourite jeans, poly-blend fabrics are just as strong but with the added benefit of being more colourfast. Linens are lightweight and naturally soft but also fade over time.

So have a think about whether you want your black to remain black or you like the look of cottons and denims as they soften and relax with character, or if you work in wet, messy areas - where waterproof materials are best.

4. Which Apron Style?

Aussie Chef has a great selection of both bib and waist aprons. As gender roles have blended, aprons these days are more or less unisex, meaning aprons for men and aprons for women are often the same with maybe the pinafore as an exception.

Bib Aprons

Bib Aprons are the most traditional and popular style of apron with an adjustable neck loop and waist ties. This apron has evolved from the basic black and white to include various styles, colours and fabrics. These aprons cover your torso to the knee and usually have multiple pockets, making them very versatile. They are ideal for branding with logos and names.

Cross Back Aprons

Cross Back Aprons are similar to the bib apron, except that the apron straps sit on your shoulders and cross over your back, taking the strain away from your neck. Cross back straps come in either cloth or leather look strap apron choices and in some styles the apron straps are removable so you can change colours and looks easily.

Waist Aprons / Utility Pouch

Waist Aprons and Utility Pouches do not provide upper body coverage. Shorter in length, usually well above the knee, they are super comfortable and provide ease of movement. Most styles come with pockets to store pens, tablets, order pads and other tools of the trade.

Pinafore / Smock Aprons

Pinafore aprons, sometimes called a smock or Japanese-style apron, are one size, and easily slip over your head providing full body coverage.

Waterproof Aprons

PVC and Nylon bib aprons are ideal when you need an apron that is waterproof and spill resistant.

5. What about Colour & Design?

Design and colour choices are often a factor in most of the clothing we choose and this can also influence which apron is best for you. We understand that an apron is first and foremost purchased for protection of your clothing underneath, but how it looks is also important to you. That is why Aussie Chef provides such a large assortment of aprons for you to choose from. Varying in of course the styles listed above, but also in colours, fabrics and textures, pocket configurations and finishing touches like eyelets, buckles, press studs and metal rivets.

From simple utilitarian to very detailed, unique designs to cater for different customers requirements. Apron colours range from simple black & white, to deep jewel tones and modern neutrals, to colourful ice cream inspired colours. BELLA & ARCHIE aprons even have Mix & Match straps to add an splash of colour.

6. What Will Your Work Environment Be Like?

Are you a chef or line cook working in the heat of the kitchen? Look for durable, lightweight fabrics that give you the protection you need but not a lot of bulk. Will you be moving around a lot? If so, a shorter bib or waist apron might be ideal. Perhaps you need some of your tools and accessories close at hand - then generous pockets are indeed a feature you require. Will you be interacting with customers or behind the scenes? This could play an important part of your decision making - especially if wanting to make an impression.

7. When Will You Use Your Aprons?

Will your aprons be worn every day, all day? YES? Then you will want to look for durable, long lasting aprons that are made to last - to minimise having to replace them too often. If you are just going to use your aprons only occasionally, then this isn’t as important. But because Aussie Chef wants you to be happy with your choice, the same attention to detail goes into each and every one of our aprons - so that no matter which one you choose - you will be satisfied.

8. Is the Price of an Apron a Factor?

Aussie Chef Clothing recognises that price often plays a factor in your decision, so we have aprons available at all different price points.

In making your choice, determine the exact features and specifications you need, and then look through a selection of aprons that meet those needs. Find the one that provides the most value for your money.

No matter which apron you choose, the same quality and care is taken in constructing the aprons - from the simplest design to the most detailed - to be long lasting and worth your investment.

9. How Do You Care for Aprons?

All aprons designed by Aussie Chef come with a fabric specific care label stitched into the hem. Our 100% cotton, denims, poly/cottons and poly/viscose fabrics are all fully machine washable. The exceptions would be, our Linen aprons which should be handwashed only and secondly, PVC, Nylon which can simply be sponged off with warm soapy water.

Stains should be treated as soon as you can with an oxygen based product such as ‘PREEN’ or ‘SARD’ or equivalent. Aussie Chef Clothing has compiled a Complete Apron Care Guide which you can view here.

10. Do You Want to Personalise Your Apron?

If you want to add your branding or personalise your aprons with names, we’ve got you covered! Aussie Chef can arrange for beautiful embroidery or screen printing at great prices! In the design stage of our aprons Aussie Chef takes into consideration that some customers will want to add branding - so almost all of the aprons can be embroidered even if it is a bib or waist apron style.

Take your aprons to the next level! Chat to us here to get started.


Choosing an apron can seem daunting, but these 10 Tips will hopefully give you some guidance. Remember to trust your instincts and what appeals to you, 9 times out of 10 that will guide you in making the right decision. A purchase that you are super happy with and provides you with what you need is what it is all about. Check out our full range of aprons here.

We hope we’ve covered all of your questions here about buying aprons for work - but if not please reach out to our team members anytime - we are always willing to help! Contact us via our contacts page or simply by email, chat or phone.

Aprons FAQs

Question: What Should I Look for in a Chef Apron?

Answer: When it comes to choosing a chef apron, there are a few things to keep in mind. First, many chefs want an apron with full coverage to keep their chef jackets clean, with or without pockets - so a bib style apron is the best option. Bib aprons not only protect your clothes, they also add an addi- tional layer of protection from heat, flames and sharp utensils. Secondly, are you looking for the traditional striped chef bib apron like the Aussie Chef CHEF BIB or LONDON in navy & white or black & white stripe or perhaps prefer a solid colour like OSKA or HEAVYWEIGHT? Thirdly, some chefs do prefer a waist style apron in simple black or white allowing their chef jacket to be the outermost garment on the torso - and there is a range of BASICS that will appeal. Afterall, an apron is a persoanl choice or may be part of a standardised uniform at your workplace.

Question: What Type of Aprons Should be Worn in Kitchens?

Answer: When you think of what type of apron is worn in a kitchen - whether it be at home or in a busy restaurant or a huge commercial kitchen, one often thinks of the most common bib apron style - which provides cover from your chest all the way down to above or below the knee. Bib aprons may have either a neckloop and waist ties or over the shoulder cross back ties. This keeps the clothing or uniforms underneath the budding baker, head chef or line cook, free from dusty flour, splashes and spills in food preparation. Plus the bib apron gives an added layer of protection from heat and flames or splashes of water when cleaning up.

Question: What is the Best Material to Use to Make an Apron?

Answer: Many fabrics can be used in making aprons. The best materials or fabrics to use in aprons are often 100% cotton (canvas or denim) or poly blends (poly/cotton or poly/viscose). Cotton based aprons are super durable, designed to fade and soften with repeated washes, whereas poly/blends are lightweight, super durable and colourfast. It often comes down to personal choice or a prescribed uniform decided by the venue. Aussie Chef has one of the largest selections of quality aprons - so you are sure to find just the right one.

Question: What is the Best Apron?

Answer: The best apron is one that you LOVE and suits your workplace and personality! It also helps to have chosen a quality apron made with the finest fabrics, with double-stitching and bar tacking on pressure points - so that your investment is long lasting. As the market Leader, Aussie Chef is committed to designing contemporary aprons that are functional, durable and make you look good.

Question: What is the Cost of a Denim Apron?

Answer: Denim Aprons vary in price depending on the type of denim, plus the apron style, length and detailing such as pockets, metal fittings, etc. Aussie Chef has a great range of both bib and waist denim aprons that range from $17 to $45.