Best Aprons for Men who LOVE Cooking

Aprons are a chef’s best friend - an integral part of their uniform - helping to keep clothes underneath clean, protecting from heat, spills and splatters as well as keeping essential cooking tools handy.

Whether you are a culinary pro or just a novice in the kitchen - an apron protects you and your clothes from unexpected mishaps, like bubbling sauces, spitting oil and grease, flour dust and coffee grounds, to name just a few. And even if you still think you don’t need one, you’ll be surprised how functional yet comfortable an apron can be with handy pockets to store your favourite gadgets or a handy towel for tidying up your pièce de résistance just before serving it to your favourite crowd - be it family or friends.

At Aussie Chef we have an unrivalled selection of men’s aprons that are seriously durable and comfortable to wear. Read on to find out more about some of the best aprons for men who LOVE cooking and creating with their hands - from luxurious leather and hardwearing denims to vibrant cottons and easy care poly cottons.

Best Leather Aprons - Axil & Riley

Whether you are a BBQ master, like tinkering with your hands, are into flash freezing, or just like the luxurious look - a leather apron is great choice.

Worn for centuries by tradesmen the world over - leather has natural qualities that help protect you from heat sources, as well as being water, liquid and dust resistant.

Aussie Chef offers two different styles of handmade leather aprons - AXIL Leather with an easy adjustable neck loop and RILEY Leather with comfortable cross back straps both which have handy pockets, interesting metal detailing and are available in gorgeous black and dark chocolate brown.

AXIL Leather & RILEY Leather

Best Denim Aprons - Archie & Mia

Denim aprons are always a popular, timeless choice. You can never go wrong with 100% cotton denim - it is just so durable and keeps getting better wash after wash like your favourite jeans. Our favourites are ARCHIE and MIA.

ARCHIE Denim aprons are longer providing more coverage and come with a choice of 10 different colourful, removable cross back straps.

Don’t let the name fool you - MIA Denim is super popular with both guys and gals. Shorter above the knee, it allows freedom of movement and comes in neck loop, cross back strap or waist apron styles. Choose from black, chambray or navy denim.

MIA Denim & ARCHIE Denim

Best Cotton Aprons - Oska & Cantine

In 100% cotton, both OSKA and CANTINE are crew favourites. OSKA aprons designed in a super soft, brushed heavy weight cotton will lift your game! Handsome simplicity matched with hard wearing attributes - you can’t go wrong with OSKA. Choose your favourite earthy colour - olive, tobacco, bottle green, dark grey or deep navy.

100% cotton canvas weave CANTINE aprons with brushed silver eyelet details are a long time favourite at Aussie Chef and with a palette of 8 modern neutrals to choose from you are sure to find just the right one - white, stone, khaki, olive, chocolate, dark grey, navy or black. CANTINE is also available in a short waist version in dark grey, navy or black.


Best Rugged Aprons - Barber & Outback

These two heavy duty, above the knee denim aprons have a more rugged look with unique details that make them statement making pieces.

Our distressed leather-look BARBER aprons are made in 100% cotton denim PU coated fabric with stunning metal fittings and assorted utility pockets. Choose from 3 metal inspired colours pewter, rust and bronze.

OUTBACK aprons are earthy, rich and colourful in enzyme washed 100% cotton denim giving them a detailed vibrance. In outback inspired colours like ochre, lagoon, forest and maple - this cross back strap apron is both super comfortable yet eye catching.


Best Waist Aprons - Utility Pouch & Mia

Don’t want a full apron but want the convenience of handy pockets at the ready? Our two favourites are the UTILITY POUCH and MIA Denim waist.

The cleverly compact UTILITY POUCH with an adjustable buckle waist strap has pockets for all your needs and comes in 3 different denim fabrics.

The durable, stylish MIA has a deep front pocket with in built pen or cork- screw pocket - choose your favourite - black, navy or chambray.

UTILITY Pouch & MIA Denim

Best Poly/Cotton - Alex Chef Bib & Heavyweight

Poly/cotton aprons are a favourite in busy kitchens - very durable and colourfast so they keep looking good wash after wash. Two of our most popular poly/cotton aprons are the ALEX Chef Bib and HEAVYWEIGHT.

ALEX Chef Bib in a stunning dark grey has an easy release neck loop buckle feature and is lightweight and easy to wear with useful pockets.

Our HEAVYWEIGHT aprons in simple black and white 240 gsm poly/cotton are perfect for a professional look.

ALEX Chef Bib & Heavyweight

Best Striped Apron - London

Striped bib aprons are synonymous with Chefs across the world - often their go to choice.

Our classic longer length LONDON apron pays homage to this trend in a traditional black or navy white striped heavyweight yarn dyed poly/viscose blend fabric.

Look the part in the simple, durable, long wearing LONDON.

Whether you are a cordon bleu trained chef, a master chef in secret, a busy dad who loves to unwind and cook for his family or a single guy whipping up something for your mates - finding the apron that fits your personality is easy at Aussie Chef Clothing Company with our wide selection of styles, colours and fabrics. Check out today and see for yourself.

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